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  1. This seems like it may be a good opportunity to voice our concerns about the way that the Early Years Sector is being mismanaged!
  2. Sabrina Moss fundraiser

    This is such a fabulous cause. I pray that her family & friends get some comfort from the sector-endorsed fund-raising. I have re-posted to other social networks.
  3. Sheridan, M. D. (1997) From Birth To Five Years, Children's Developmental Progress, London: Routledge Quite difficult to get now but you might get a second hand bargain on Ebay or similar. Good luck.
  4. I shall be at the front of your queue to join this club!
  5. Development Matters has disappeared?

    I would be very interested to hear about Lena Engel's (the author of the article) background. Is she an independent writer or is she employed by DfE or Nursery World or someone else? Has she had appropriate, recent and relevant Early Years experience? Is she affiliated to any particular political or educational organisation? This information might clarify her perspectives on the current state of affairs!
  6. I am afraid that I have been off the forum this last week or so and have only just returned. What is the current state of play with regard to this 'Open Mike' event with Graham Stuart? Who is collating all of the questions and when can we expect the event to take place? Thanks
  7. I am very proud of my EYP status and will remain proud when I am conferred the new title of Early Years Teacher Status. I will remain convinced that these intensively experienced and specifically qualified individuals are crucial to the future well-being and success of the young children engaged in the Early Years Sector. My concern is that the government have now achieved this highly skilled and dedicated workforce yet have no intentions of providing the sector with the funds to ensure that these individuals have secure jobs or receive am acceptable rate of pay!
  8. @ HappyMaz: You guessed correctly! I have just done an analysis of the new Early Years Teachers' Standards (2013) in comparison with the Early Years Professional standards (2012). Although the wording is subtly different, they are actually almost identical. The significant differences seem to be in relation to understanding: systematic synthetic phonics in the teaching of early reading and appropriate strategies in teaching early maths. I think most EYPs would willingly undertake any training necessary in these specifics to achieve a suitable standard of competence.
  9. Significantly, there is still no confirmation that the Early Years Teacher qualification will be equal in terms of financial reward to that of Teachers with QTS! As I already have the required GCSE grades and have passed the same skills tests as classroom teacher trainees within the last 6 weeks, may I assume that my qualification is already equal to that of a QTS teacher? "From September, early years teacher trainees will have to meet the same entry requirements as primary trainee teachers - including at least a GCSE grade C in English, mathematics and science, or equivalent. From September 2014, trainees will have to pass the same skills test as classroom teacher trainees before they start their course." (Childcare qualifications overhaul, Jul 2013)
  10. Development Matters has disappeared?

    Very nicely said, Johanna1
  11. OMG. Every day another blow aimed directly at Education. What the hell is he doing and why? This man and his cronies need to get a reality check and take a look at the damage they are doing to this country's children.
  12. Development Matters has disappeared?

    Just imagine.....My idea of heaven!.... :1b The Richard House article in Nursery World ("We are under assault" - 28th June 2013) makes a thoroughly interesting read. Very pertinent!! (Available at: http://www.nurseryworld.co.uk/article/1188268/assault?DCMP=EMC-CONNurseryWorldUpdate&bulletin=nursery-world-update-bulletin ) Take a look.
  13. Development Matters has disappeared?

    I keep on suggesting that, as it is non-statutory, my nursery should withdraw its cooperation for the Revised EYFS and go back to using the old one. Personally, I think it is our duty to protect the children from this ludicrous state of affairs and go back to the less flawed and more workable previous EYFS!
  14. Getting rid of TA's

    I am a qualified EYP with a fist class honours degree in early childhood education and care and thirteen years experience. I work full time hours in a local authority nursery school. I am employed as a Teaching Assistant at level 2/3 on our pay scale and earn about £12600pa. My setting cannot afford to pay me more however I am fortunate to have a permanent contract. - Rare these days! Let me know if I am due to receive a cheque to cover my underpaid wages!
  15. I think that a point that I am attempting to make (perhaps not very succinctly) is how do the many EYPs and HLTAs that are currently employed and paid as level 1 or level 2 TAs feel about being encouraged to carry out their own planning and assessment and other additional duties. I am aware that there are great many overly qualified level 1 and level 2 TAs who are perfectly capable of and deliver excellent planning and assessment for both children with SEND and those without additional needs, who may also be carrying out the duties of SENCOs - but who are not actually receiving the acknowledgement for these skills in their pay-cheques! I am very concerned that many within the Early Years workforce are being put under increasing pressure to perform tasks for which they may well be trained and skilled but do not get paid! I remain worried that in some settings, TAs are not being suitably guided to deliver planning for engaging activities and to make arrangements for appropriate differentiaition.