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  1. apprentices

    looking at staffing and struggling to get staff am thinking apprentices may be the way forward and train them to the way we work. can someone on an apprentice be counted in ratio?
  2. scarlett fever

    on my guidance sheet it says 2 confirmed cases contact HPA. so far I only have 1 case if I have 2 do I need to inform ofsted as well.
  3. ABC

    Does anybody have an ABC analysis form i could take a look at please
  4. working from home

  5. working from home

    Having recently taken over a term time packaway preschool i have discovered the SEN work is being done on the SENCOs own laptop at work and at home. I am somewhat concerned about this from a safegaurding and security point of view and wondered what other peoples views on this are as I just feel this is very wrong. does anybody have a policy on working from home they could share.
  6. Changing age range

    Thinking of ways to increase numbers for September what would I need to do if I wanted to change age range from 2 down to 18 months. We are a packaway setting.
  7. Additional charges

    Recently taken over a preschool and they have always charged extras for snack is this allowable and what if a parent can't pay
  8. Preschool website link ideas

    I would add a link with regards to Internet safety www.nspcc.org.uk › keeping-children-safe
  9. Angel delight do a make your own ice cream pack you can get at tescos