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  1. scarlett fever

    on my guidance sheet it says 2 confirmed cases contact HPA. so far I only have 1 case if I have 2 do I need to inform ofsted as well.
  2. ABC

    Does anybody have an ABC analysis form i could take a look at please
  3. working from home

  4. working from home

    Having recently taken over a term time packaway preschool i have discovered the SEN work is being done on the SENCOs own laptop at work and at home. I am somewhat concerned about this from a safegaurding and security point of view and wondered what other peoples views on this are as I just feel this is very wrong. does anybody have a policy on working from home they could share.
  5. Changing age range

    Thinking of ways to increase numbers for September what would I need to do if I wanted to change age range from 2 down to 18 months. We are a packaway setting.
  6. Additional charges

    Recently taken over a preschool and they have always charged extras for snack is this allowable and what if a parent can't pay
  7. Preschool website link ideas

    I would add a link with regards to Internet safety www.nspcc.org.uk › keeping-children-safe
  8. Angel delight do a make your own ice cream pack you can get at tescos