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  1. Hi, We are up-grading our Tracking system for our Day Nursery, but are a bit stuck on the format. We want to use Excel so we can produce relevant graphs and charts. Has anyone got any templates that we could look at for some ideas. It has to be simple to use as we are not brilliant with the computers. Thank you Nifty Fifty
  2. Baby Room Projects

    I sent a letter to the under two's parents asking them for photo's of close family members, (parents, siblings and grandparents, and anyone else closely involved with caring for the children), and also any items that related to different cultures and customs. Every parent over a period of time sent in some photo's and also several sent items relating to their cultures. Today for instance, we had an Italian nursery rhyme Cd. The under two's were completely involved and were definitely listening, they noticed the different music and all enjoyed marching and dancing around to this. We have sat and looked at the photo's at quiet times, and it has encouraged the children's language skills, as they have been able to name other children within the setting, also individual children have been able to name some of their own family members and point them out to the other children. This is very inclusive, and also promotes self confidence/self esteem, and promotes a sense of community. I was pleasantly surprised at the positive response and will definitely be looking for more ways for the parents to become more involved in the future. Hope this is useful
  3. Thank you, i'm sure it will all be very useful. I'm sure once we have seen the first parent, it will be a lot easier. Thanks again, and have a lovely birthday when it occurs.
  4. Hi everyone, Have just joined today, and thought i would have a go at a topic. Not sure if this is in the right place, but sure someone will put me in the right direction if not. I am a nursery assistant in a private day nursery, and spend most of my time in the under two's room. I am going to celebrate a landmark birthday soon, and have been working in nursery's since i was 18. I love my job and have embraced all the new frameworks. I am however a little perturbed about the prospect of parent evenings for my under two's room. The parents in this room are given a written slip about their child, for every day that their child attends nursery, detailing activities and other relevant information relating to their particular child, eg when they slept, what they ate etc. As well as this their development folders are always available to parents. I just worry about what i am supposed to say to these parents, and how long should i be allowing for each parent. This is obviously taking place in the evening, and i am pretty sure that i won't be paid for this extra time. What do other members think? Any idea as to whether i need to produce a "report" for parents. Help!!