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  1. Really can't remember, is it every two years or every three years we need to renew our Senco course?
  2. Training provider

    Can anyone recommend very good training providers for Nvq 3 and above in the Kent area? Many thanks.
  3. I'm also hoping to introduce a initial assessment, so it would be of great help if anyone has a template I could look at. Or any other information on what to include etc!
  4. Deputy Manager

    My deputy manager has been off long term sick, we are in the process of deciding whether she should In fact leave as she will not be in great health for a very long time. I need to take a bit of time of soon, so was wondering can I promote someone within the workplace temporarily until I have had a chance to advertise the job and interview etc? I understand it is a legal requirement to advertise for a position, but I did think this other staff member might return, but as that is not looking likely and I need time off (short hospital trip) I do need to make sure things are in place before I'm off. Has anyone had to deal with this or had similar? Please help.
  5. Has anyone re-done their SenD policy this year, to include recent changes April 2015 and to include the LIFT process. If so would anyone be so kind as to share it? After a recent SENCO training, I am fully aware that there is no longer CAF or IEP's (these are now called 'Targeted plans'. I have looked on the Kelsi website ( I am in Kent) for help with devising my new policy, but no luck. Can anyone help?
  6. SEND policy, including LIFT referrals

    Thanks KatKat1972, I have always had and will have a Senco policy, yes I also have a copy of the SEND code of practice, I will look over the other document you have attached, many thanks. I want to condense the policy as you say the shorter the better, but want to make sure everything is included, so just wanted to look and see what others have!
  7. SEND policy, including LIFT referrals

    Hi panders, thank you for sending a copy of your policy, but I am not sure if you are aware, but there are no longer Action or Action plus anymore and as far as I have been made aware(from recent SENCo training) our policies must clearly state the referral process, including LIFT. Yes I have been to a few LIFT meetings, ours are normally in the same place, been a lot of confusion with forms etc, loads of paper work before and while taking to LIFT! To be honest not sure Kent is 'the place to be' or if we are just guniea pigs for every new initiative, but that's another post.
  8. SEND policy, including LIFT referrals

    LIFT is Local Inclusion Forum Team, it is where we now gave to take a child that we want to refer. I come from Kent, if that helps, I am aware that we are the only county that has LIFT at the moment! I think from what I can gather from my SENCO course the targeted plan can be called whatever you want, but needs to include everything which is in KCC' s document! Hope that makes sense!
  9. Facebook

    I am considering starting a Facebook page for the parents of my setting. I understand that I have to move with the times and use a method of communication which will reach my parents. I have thought about it for a long time and decided that a closed group site is the best option for us. Does anyone already do this, is it working and also does anyone have a policy regarding how the site will be used, who can post, what is/isn't acceptable? Please give me your comments.
  10. Suncream

    Does anyone have a really good suncream policy. We have had a regular issue with one of the mums refusing to put suncream on her child. The child is Afro Caribbean and the parents have been continuously arguing with us that their child doesn't need cream as they never burn. I explained that irrelavent of the child's colouring All children are capable of burning, has anyone else had this issue, if so how have you dealt with it and is there anything in your policies which cover this?
  11. Suncream

    Thank you good idea.
  12. Facebook

    Thank you all so much for your replies, think I will give it a try and see how I go. Thanks for all the tips.
  13. Facebook

    Thank you I will check out your message. I am still new to posting on here so trying to get used to it.
  14. Facebook

    Thank you Rea and woodlands1997, think I was just worried how it would work and who would be able to see the posts. I would also like to add photos. Have either of had any problems with it so far and how long have you been using Facebook?
  15. Facebook

    Do you have a policy which parents sign, regarding expected conduct etc? I am a bit nervous about this but do feel it is the way to go and hopefully reach parents that usually ignore newsletters and yes use it as reminder. How long have you had your site running for?
  16. Does anyone have SIP visits? We just had a really bad one and I wondered if anyone knows if we have to have the sip's in or if we can refuse and would this affect our funding? The sip's are supposed to give you help and support in any areas we feel we need it or any area they flag up as needing extra help. Only our sip just makes us all feel worthless and rubbish, when in actual fact we are ofsted good, so is unnecessarily making us feel awful. Any ideas what to do and how to cope with the visits? Help!!!!!!!!
  17. Sip(setting improvement partner)

    Thanks jazzy1 that has made me feel better knowing someone else feels as I do. We can't be all bad as we have had visits from other settings to see our practise! I feel that they are always picking and looking for something to moan about. I agree that most of them have had experience in a child care setting of some description, but as you say how long ago. They don't understand the pressures and strains of what they expect us to do daily. Maybe they should have to work at least one day per week in a setting to realise that some of the things they expect are unrealistic, just because its in a book doesn't mean it's workable. I feel better knowing I am not the only one out there that is going through this, as most others feel their sip is helpful and supportive. Thanks again.
  18. hmmmm, advise needed...quite serious.

    I have a friend who has recently had this in her setting and it caused a lot of problems as she also was unsure how to deal with the matter. I would advise that you speak to your area safeguarding officer, you will need to speak to the member of staff, and you must inform ofsted that this situation has come up through hearsay, but you are dealing with the situation and do they have any advice. My friend didn't inform ofsted and a parent made a complaint to them which then arose in a spot visit. Just make sure that even though this is hearsay, you cover all bases. Hope that helps a little.
  19. Sip(setting improvement partner)

    Thanks for all your comments. I think one reason she clashed with me is because I am confident in what I do, I do challenge things I maybe don't agree with, but I think her biggest problem is that I do what is asked and expected but in my own way, which works well for us. They tend to like it done their way. I think I will do what you suggested sunny day and just smile sweetly and agree to try whatever they ask!
  20. Setting phone

    I also have to phones, one is for work and the other for personal use. They are both contract and it is much easier. Although my work phone is always on, as you say people ring at all times of the day, I do have the option of turning it off when not at work and it doesn't interfere with my personal calls.
  21. Sip(setting improvement partner)

    Hi sunny day I liked our last sip, although she did drive me mad with all the changes. There was no specific problem the sip just seemed to take a dislike to me and then nothing I seemed to say was right. It wouldn't have mattered what I did that day nothing would have been right. Just feel caught up and still have to put up with her! Can't seem to do right. Feel really let down as they supposed to encourage and support. I know a lot of settings in my area clash with their sips or see them as a drain instead of a help, but what can we do. Thanks for your reply.
  22. Camera Policy

    Its states in the safegarding of the new eyfs that all settings must have a mobile phone/ camera policy, well we already have a very good mobile phone policy but not a camera policy. Can anyone help? does anyone already have a policy about camera's.