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  • Our 100th Episode!

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    To celebrate our 100th episode the education team got together to reflect on some memorable moments from conversations with previous guests. You can find links to the full episodes referenced below: Ben's picks: Action Jackson - The importance of self-belief and leaving a heart print on those around you. https://fsf-podcasts.simplecast.com/episodes/action-jackson-the-importance-of-self-belief-and-leaving-a-heart-print-on-those-around-you Jamal Carly-Campbell - The Early Years is the jewel in our community’s crown. https://fsf-podcasts.simplecast.com/episodes/the-early-years-is-the-jewel-in-our-communitys-crown-jamel-carly-campbell Anya's pick: Sonia Mainstone-Cotton - How we can support young children through transitions and change. https://fsf-podcasts.simplecast.com/episodes/how-we-can-support-young-children-through-transitions-and-change Jack's pick: Miriam Moss - Children and creative writing. https://fsf-podcasts.simplecast.com/episodes/world-book-day-with-miriam-moss Helen's pick: Annie Richardson - The Early Years Sector and Higher Education. https://fsf-podcasts.simplecast.com/episodes/the-early-years-sector-and-higher-education Stephen's pick: Kerry Payne - Why do we need to expand our definition of CPD? https://fsf-podcasts.simplecast.com/episodes/why-do-we-need-to-expand-our-definition-of-cpd Jules' pick: Liz Pemberton and David Cahn - Talking about racism and anti-racism in early years education. https://fsf-podcasts.simplecast.com/episodes/talking-about-racism-and-anti-racism-in-early-years-education

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