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Hi I mean that if you do not follow the guidance for a particular reason, e.g. an overriding health and safety reason i think is the best example, then thats ok


I have found it in the EYFS now but does anyone know where i can find it in the current mass of paperwork we have?


1.8 Providers have a duty to ensure that their early years provision complies with the learning and

development requirements, and the welfare requirements. In addition, this document contains

statutory guidance. All providers must have regard to this guidance, which means they must

take it into account and, if they decide to depart from it, they must have clear reasons for doing

so and be able to demonstrate that their alternative approach achieves the ends described

in this guidance. Ofsted will take account of any failure to have regard to this guidance when

exercising its functions, including any proceedings which are brought under the Act.

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Could it be that they have simply recognised a need to allow that providers should be able to diverge when there is an over-riding reason? They could then have chosen the new framework as an opportunity to slot it in?



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I need current information though to ensure that all my policies and procedures are correct. I can justify all my reasoning for not keeping strictly to the standards, however, I have seen a few people with the same thoughts post on here, but cannot find where it says that this is ok.

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Hi alis2son

I have had a quick look at the current standards document and the guidance but can't find anything that vaguely looks like the new bit in the EYFS. So it looks like they have had a think about what settings do and realise that some settings have procedures which differ from what they are asking but are just as good and comply with laws etc.

It was suggested by our advisor that we change our register as we dot the children in in green and out in red. If they arrive before 9.00am we write in the time and if they arrive after 9.20am we do the same. Similarly with going home. She advised us that we needed to write in the times they arrived and left for each child as that is what is asked for in the standards. I told her that this worked well for us and she said she felt the inspector would pull us up on this. I just said if that was the case we would change it. The inspector didn't even mention it because, I feel, it was obvious that we had a good system in place that was just as good as they required.

I don't suppose this helps at all, but as long as you are complying with health and safety laws and any other areas that are legally required you should be ok-all depending on the inspector you get of course and how they feel on the day.


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