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Help! I Need Assembly Ideas


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Help! I've just found out that i have to do a class assembly soonish.

It must have a strongish moral and because i teach at a C of E school needs to be linked with Christianity another class is already doing The Good Samaritan and I'm having problems thinking of something else!



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You don't say whether it's you dojng the assembly alone or your class doing it. Either way it's always good to get some participation!

Why not use another parable of Jesus?

I used the story of the two houses (on sand and rock). I got some children to demonstrate by doing a science experiment. Two deep trays - one with a brick the other with a sand mound. They make a house on each using wooden blocks then pour water over to see which stands. There's the song "The wise man built his house on the rock". We also re-enacted with me being narrator. (see Matthew's gospel 7:24-27) Meaning - don't ignore good advice / the words of Jesus.

Could also use parable of the Sower - seed falling on different types of ground. (see Matthew chapter 13). It's a good one to re-enact and make props for.

Could do something about lost things - the lost sheep, lost coin and lost son. Talk about things that are precious and what it feels like to lose them and then find them again. Perseverance, commitment, dedication and love are the themes. (see Luke chapter 15)

You can check online for ideas



Hope this is slightly useful!!!! (I'm also in a Cof E school)

Heyjude :o

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