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I keep having things going missing! Not the staff! so it must be the residentail ghost?


Stock controlI- one of those things that I keep meaning to do but there always seems something more important to do!


Can someone give me some ideas?





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This is always a constant battle - especially when things go missing that are your own! I think part of it that as EY practitioners there is just simply so much stuff, which combined with lots of staff all working hard to tidy up and put in that 'special place where I know I'll find it later' means that people literally run for cover when someone threatens to open the cupboard with all the role play equipment in :o .


I have tried various things from lists to books to keeping stuff at home. the follwing are tips that I have picked up from others over the years:


- Start off with clear boxes - that way even if you don't have time to make labels you will roughly know what is in them

- Have a system that is user friendly and can be added to, neat typed out lists are good however soon become out of date. Better just to have blank grids that can have things scribbled in / ammended.

- Checking In / Out books. Use a small book inside the box / pinned up next to it with date and name out / date and name in - for things that you really don't want to go walkies or that are your own (it is amazing how many books I have lent out never to see again that have been £20 a pop!)

- Alternatively put a whiteboard and pen/clipboard and paper on the back of storage cupboard door where people simply write on when borrowed/wiped off when returned.

- Delgate, give members of staff responsibilty for certain areas and the resources

- When starting a fresh ask helpful mums / volunteers who wouldn't mind sorting - don't forget to give clear instructions though so that the system works.

- Once a year hold a amnesty focusing on one thing over a day e.g. Jigsaws - collect all missing pieces in a tray and get the children involved they are often the experts in knowing what the pieces look like and where there places puzzle pieces might get put!

- Resign to the fact that there will always be times when things get disorganised - call it creativity!


I know it can be a pain to do this sort of thing but we had a flood at the beginning of the year which destroyed a lot of stuff. and audit of our stock was essential for our insurance claim! On a final note I know it sounds silly but the most important thing is to stick to a system that people are agreed on and keep it going


Good Luck!

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