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Moving To Y1/2


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My head is moving me to year 1/2 next year- to raise standards in KS 1. This says to me that the good practice established in Foundation has to continue- MY question is how do I make this work for the Year 2's?


I can imagine a form of freeflow with role-play and practical games etc for year 1- but as soon as I look at the Year 2 onjectives this vision disappears.


There will be 28 children and the room is not very big but it does have access to a small patio that I hope to develop.

I am also worried about sticking to a tabletable.


I have never do sats before and I don't want to let these children down.


If anyone has any ideas please let me know


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Hi Hope and I don't think I have said Welcome-so Welcome! It's great you have been recognised for the very positive input you've given to FS. Am no expert on Y2 but we currently devloping our Y1/Y2 environment to have a less formal approach and more emphasis on learning through play particularly for Y1 children.

I remember a great quote from a course I went on when children were discussing their expectations from moving from Reception. 'It's all ard work and there ain't no sand!'

Sorry not to be of more help but I think it's great that you are wanting to develop this further. Y2 still need lots of practical and fun learning in my view! I am sure that someone will be able to help you further.


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Guest Wolfie

I was talking to a group of parents yesterday about the value of role play in children's development and someone commented that it was a shame that children in Y1 and 2 don't seem to have as many opportunities in the classroom for role play and how delighted they are if they ever go back into the reception class and are "allowed" to role play again! I remember a documentary a few years ago about Scandinavian education where role play is seen as one of the most important parts of the day until the children are seven or eight.

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what a nice opportunity I wish you luck in the process. As a rec/yr1 TA I sat in on a training session for yr1/2 teaching staff by our foundation co-ordinater that discussed this subject and how our school would encompass this. She used a document/Dvd from I think the Dfss on learning journeys (I think)for the transition from rec to yr1/2 it was very good and showed good practice etc. perhaps its worth looking on teacher.net /dfes for info.

the schools recent ofsted report said that children came into school below average but with the good practice in the foundation stage and throughout the school they left yr2 above average. so extending this style does seem to work.

good luck


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