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Seaside/ Holiday Planning For Pre-school


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Has anyone got any planning around the theme seaside/holidays suitable for pre-school children that I could have a look at?


Many thanks


Nicola x :o

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Hello. Have you heard of the book My Granny Went to Market?

In this book granny travels around the world on a flying carpet collecting objects as she goes such as 3 fierce and funny masks from Mexico, five cowbells from Switzerland and 7 nesting dolls from Russia. you could use this book as a start and make masks and flying carpets. And you could use Russian dolls to look at size and also look at patterns on carpets.

You could make postcards using pictures cut from holiday brochures, design flags, make fish (perhaps Rainbow Fish) and go on trips to the beach (if you live near one) and a travel agent. The role play area could be made into a travel agents.

You could talk about keeping safe in the sun and near water.

I hope this helps and gives you some ideas to start with.

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