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We have got a meeting in two weeks time for the parents of the new reception children. I was just wondering what other schools give out at these meetings, as the head would like me to put together some general information about the foundation stage and anything else I feel relevant (probably as a handout). I am currently an NQT and feeling a bit anxious about the parents meeting. Any ideas would be great.


Thanks x

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Have you got enough info or are you still stuck.I am happy to help if you are, we do quite a lot of work with parents in this respect and i have a few ideas. Let me know if you need any - if i'm not too late.


Kellsa :o

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I know the feeling! It's a good time for reminders - there are many so I typed up a generic list and put onto chairs before people arrived.


Times / Dates for start + holidays

Contact details and proceedures

Times that are best to see you + other ways of communicating e.g. Reading Record

Labelling EVERYTHING, water bottle, book bag, coat, hats, gloves.

Parent volunteers

Plus activties they can do to help their child feel positive - e.g. choosing pack lunch and making together, trying on uniform and PE kit (good practice!) choosing books from the Library about school.


Oh and I found this lovely booklet posted by somebody before - very useful.


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