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Hi our school is developing a FSU in september and I will be the teacher, along with 3 support staff. I have got to deliver a presentation to our parents explaining the change and the benefits of a fsu. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas of what I should include or examples of what they do? Thanks

Kat x

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Sorry not much help I'm afraid. We are in a very similar position developing an FSU and having a meeting to introduce the idea to parents. We have had a lot of support from the local early years advisor and she is coming to our meeting to speak to parents.




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There is a really great article in the members articles about FS units. I used some of that to back up our judgements in relation to opening the unit.

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The things about FSUs are that there are so many different models and ways of working that no two are the same. In our parents meeting our LEA advisor did a presentation on FSUs in general and then our head went on to explain how they would be implemented in our school. The benefit of peer learning was emphasised, as well as the fact that children do things at different rates , and FSUs allow differentiation on ability or interest rather than age. Also of course this removes the big transition from nursery to reception.

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We have recently done our meeting for parents - we too are changing from a N & R class to FSU in september. Parents had brochure beforehand so they could have a good read and come along with any questions. (we have a separate brochure for our EYs and then for the rest of school).

I then prepared a powerpoint presentation with:

p1 - explanation of what a FSU is

p2 - the benefits - I listed the main ones as:

*Children are provided with a continuity of staffing.

*Favourable staffing ratios

*Staff operate as a team

*Reduced number of transitions for young children.

*Enriched learning environment

*Well-resourced indoor and outdoor provision

*Activities planned to meet learning needs of children not age-based needs.

p3 - staffing and keyworkers

p4 onwards - a description of our daily routine and how the unit rooms will be organised. this included information about the new 15hour entitlement for nursery children.


I included some information about the FS curriculum - explaining that this is continuous across the age range and so supports planning as a FSU.


Our parents were very happy with this information.

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