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Hi everyone,


I hope you can help. Our nursery has decided to start doing a topic web for how we cover all areas of the curriculum outdoors. Our theme this month is 'Fairytales' and I am at a loss about what to do - its hard enough sometimes thinking about what to do indoors :o I was thinking about encouraging the children to make houses for the 3 little pigs out of our big blocks and leaving out straw and sticks as well (Physical and Creative). I had also thought about leaving out dressing up clothes, playing 'whats the time Mr Wolf' (maths) but Im now getting a bit stuck. If any of you have any ideas I would be really grateful.


Many thanks.


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Guest tinkerbell

I could kick myself Golilocks because I saw some yesterday!

I can't remember the website :oxD

I do know I was looking at www.primary plan and they have some useful stuff

Sorry tinkerbellx

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Jack and the beanstalk child sized objects and giant sized ones sort by size use language of size eg childs shoe and a 'giant' shoe could also collect golden eggs and match quantities to numbers.

Red Ridinghood make a map using small world figures talk about features wood trees homes etc

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