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Has anyone got and if so how would you rate the Kirklees publication "Planning the continuous curriculum" (or similar!)


I have seen it briefly as Featherstone Education is an outlet but it is very expensive and I dont want to dig so deep unless it is really really good!

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Guest Wolfie

And has anyone bought the other book featured on the same page - "Developing the Foundation Stage"? I'd be interested to know what anyone thinks of that one too!


Sorry Sue, didn't mean to hijack your post! :o

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I know it has been a while but it is one of those books I just can't decide.


It really depends what you expect to get from it.

It has certainly made me think but it doesn't offer any answers.


The book is split up into three sections. Section A poses lots and lots of questions and provides blank spaces for you to write your own reflections in response to the questions. Section B looks at Key Learning Experiences and where we might find them in the setting. Section C deals with transition to KS1 and links the type of provision found in the FS to Y1.


Is it really really really good? (worth the cost) probably not if you are looking for answers.

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