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I'm after some advice - I am considering going into teaching but not sure which route to take, if any!

I am a qualified NN but don't have a degree, I have spent the last three years working in a primary school in the Foundation class as both a general and a SEN TA, my head would fully support any further training I wanted to do, but I don't know which route to take:

A degree first then PGCE

Foundation degree then top up etc

Open Uni or local uni

Or another combination

I can't afford to be a full time student so it would probably have to be distance learning

How are the OUs open degrees considered in terms of teaching?

Any advice would be gratefully received


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You could consider doing a distance degree, i.e. OU and then looking at a GTP? Then in your last year when ur doing the qts training you would be working. Would the school support this? if so they could employ you under this route.

just a thought. x

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Hi Jo1.Sorry not any advice to give about routes to take but know that someone like you who has already had such valuable experience will make an excellent teacher.

I wish my TA would do her training but then again I'd miss her too much!

Very good luck. I'm sure the right path will show itself.


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