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HI there

have done a forum search for FS policies but the only thin I found was a lost link to herefordshire website :o

I have been asked to write one and am at a lost as its not my bag... or it wasnt until last week xD

anyway, are there any kind souls that have got a recent example to share, pretty please with sugar on the top

apple :(

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Guest Wolfie

I can't give you an actual example but I do have a book called "Writing a Policy for the Foundation Stage" written by Ros Bayley and Lynn Broadbent, published by Lawrence Educational Publications - it basically talks you through everything that you need to incldue and prompts you with questions to make it personal to your setting...might be worth a read if you haven't got to get it done in the next couple of days? It's very clear and easy to read.


Here's the website - the book is £6.50 - http://www.educationalpublications.com

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