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I have an interview next Monday for Children's Centre Deputy/Teacher. I have been informed that I can use power point for the two presentations that I have to do.


I have been reading the 'good and bad training' thread with interest and how dull it is when someone puts words up on the screen and then reads from it so I am trying to think how I could do these presentations so that they are a little bit different and so that the interviewers do not switch off. During interviews I get quite nervous and my voice tends to lose all animation and so I need to rely on the presentation to be stimulating and interesting.


If anyone can help I would be extremely grateful.


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The presentation titles are


'Your vision of the role of the teacher as leader of effective learning and development for children 0-5 years, and as deputy centre manager'




'The benefits and challenges of working as part of a multi-disciplinary team to support learning within the community'


Any help would be welcome. I have had an interview with similar topics so I have done the reading it is just how to present it well using powerpoint.


Thanks Sue

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All I can suggest is really rehearse the timings of your presentation, decide whether to use animation, video, voice over etc.


Powerpoint is very useful for making 'visual' mind maps to talk through, pictures, bullet points to expand on and of course pictures.


Choose some pictures that draw attention, maybe a picture at a strange angle ( taken from above) then animate it to a recognisable position, this would 'gain attention'. Maybe you could present logo's from all the different disciplines you think could be involved within a centre ie: the NHS, Surestart, DFES ( curriculum), your LA logo, unusual ones like library, Adult ed, local jobstart, local youth services etc. Show them blurred and see if your audience can identify them, then have them appear clear. :o:(xD


Is the presentation to show your knowledge or is it in the context of how you would present a training session on the subject??


Think also about te beginning of the presentation, say what you are going to be saying (intro) if you feel the need say how you are going to present it, then give presentation then close with a summary of what you have just said.


good luck, maybe you would like to share your powerpoint presentation wit us when it's over. :( I am sure the content will be interesting and informative. :(



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