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Simple Song About Growing.. Help?!


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Hi guys..


having a major brain dead moment.. i have my class assembly on thursday and am wanting to try and sing a simple song about growing.. which obviously relates to our current topic. we have plantes carrots potatoes and beans...


any ideas greatly received!! ta x

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same tune as I'm a little teapot


I'm a little seed, small and round ( children curl into a ball)

buried deep in the ground ( I do a very deep voice)

sprinkle on some water, ( a child is chosen to pretent to pour water over seeds)

and some sunshine too ( another child chosen to wave arms - sun rays - over seeds)

watch me grow as tall as you ( children slowly stand arms stretched up on tiptoe)


Have fun.



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The gardner (or farmer) plants a seed X2

Hey ho the cherry-oh

The gardner plants a seed.


The rain begins to fall ...


The sun begins to shine ...


The roots grow underground ..


The stem begins to grow


The leaves are making food


The buds all open up


The flower smiles at me ...


We did very simple actions for each verse, and although it might seem long, the children found it easy to learn because it's so repetative. The tune is really simple, but can't think if it's from a rhyme or other song.


Good luck with your assembly,


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