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Hi everyone,

Please, please can someone help me? Does anybody have any Bears planning for foundation stage e.g. medium term plans, names of books etc.

Thanks in advance.


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I used this in a Pre-school Playgroup last year




This is fantastic planning Suzanne. Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone. You have some really good ideas. I know this is really cheeky but do you have any other planning you wouldn't mind sharing? I am also willing to share mine. (although most of it is already on here)


Boogie xx

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Thank you Boogie. I only worked in that setting for a term so I don't have many plans in that format but here they are (I think, I'm not very good at filing things on my computer):

the first is 'Food', the second 'homes' and the third 'Christmas'





Thank you sooooooooooo much Suzanne. That really is very generous of you to share your planning. If I can repay the favour just let me know! By the way, just to let you know it was your great ideas in the bear planning that I liked not just the format.

Thank you again

Boogie x

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Guest whizzbang

Sorry I should have added resources to print amd laminate to support bear songs and a set of A4 support sheets for we're going on a bear hunt with matching font and text to the book.

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