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a childrens centre is going to open near me.


I have just taken on the management of the after school and holiday care at a school and we will be moving into the centre when/if it opens next year. it will be built near enough on the school site.

The rest of the centre will be used for family support/information advice, health advice etc. so ours is the only care that is offered within the centre. (other care in school nursery).


I saw the plans at a meeting and was pleased with layout, however, on consideration afterwards and with the staff i think it may be a little small, 55m2 is the indoor space that we have. (so about 7m by 8m) we register for 24


we curently work from the school hall which is about 100m2 and having only worked in large buildings before i am a little worried!


The whole area is only 200m2!!! :o


any thoughts?

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Very small........... we raised concerns with the architects when we saw the plans for our Children's Centre both with regards to size and layout. Is it too late to discuss your concerns? You could try marking out the area in the school hall using masking tape or chalk and see how big/small it really is.

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