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Guest Really

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Guest Really

I am being observed next week and I need some ideas for independent activities which require the children to take turns. Something that Reception can do by themselves perhaps in pairs.


Any suggestions please?

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We just had a great activity with a paper shredder, the children had to take turns as only one piece of paper can be shredded at a time.


It was a great activity because I also had just found a pasta roller ( like a mini mangle) in a charity shop. The children ( with adult support) started up quite a paper production line.

They got paper ( scrap paper) from scrap draw, placed in baskets or shopping trolley, ....

Transported paper to mangle.....

folded paper to place through the mangle ( amazing how many children don't know how to fold paper).....

then take folded paper to shredder......

then place shredded paper in recycle bag.......


( which was later used for papier mache :o


any other 'production line' type activity helps children to learn to wait ther turn.



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