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I've got to teach 15 f2 chidlren that i've never met before for 30mins focusing on developing mathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems.

I've had quite a few ideas ranging from sand/ water, train tracks etc but i need it to be something that 15 children can do at the same time.

Has anyone had any good activities that they would like to share with me, as my brain is beginning to turn to mush and i really want to stand out on Tuesday.

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I've always found 'Archemedes Bath' type activities fun. Toy in a small tub floating in a bigger container, how can we get it out without touching it with our hands etc. You can put out various materials to see what they come up with. One group I had wanted to build bridges over the top and lower things down etc.


Another fun activity was water table, 3 identical boats. Told the children they belonged to 3 rival captains who were determned to carry more cargo than the others. Loaded the boats with different stuff, talked about weight distribution, shape and size of cargo. Asked children to predict which boat would sink first etc.


Have fun with whatever you do and if you can make up a story to make events more exciting it can help to engage them more.


Good luck


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make sandwiches.

put children into 3's. Give two slices of bread, butter and spread. Tell them you need all 3 of them to have something to eat, they all have have to have the same and it needs to be fair...



Make necklaces.

3 types of threadable pasta. How many different ways can you thread the three types of pasta? Record your findings (stick pasta on card in different ways) when you have recorded x many different ways you can make a necklace using that pattern.



Smartie Graphs:

small box of smarties squared paper and crayons same colours as smarties. Find a good way of recording how many of each colour are in the smartie box- BUT you are not allowed to write any numbers.


Make a game

Take them outside and put in groups of 2/3 let them choose three cards that have different physical activities eg hop/ clap/ touch your toes/spin/ etc.

Can they make up a game using just these activities.



Put a selection of clear plastic bottles with a selection of jugs containing different colored water. How many different colours can you make mixing the different colored waters. Record your findings.


3 Bears.

Give a selection of cutlery/plates/cups etc large, medium and small. Three bears table has been muddled up by Goldilocks you need to sort it out for them before they get home.

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thanks you guys for your help and support.

I think i'm going to take my hindu doll puppet and make out that she likes necklaces but she wants one with more than 2 colours in it. I am going to get them to make different patterns and extend more able to 3 maybe 4 different colours. Once they have thought of different patterns i'm going to let them make a necklace. :o

Hope that sounds ok, i've been away from f2 for a year now and i'm misssing it loads and i really want to get back there.

Thanks once again for all your sugguestions and i will be certainly using them all in the future. x

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That sounds fine. I like the idea of using a puppet to provide a real reason for doing it, chn should respond to this - hope it goes well :o

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I love the postman/numbered doors circle. I find that many circle times that are not prepared for turn into times when staff are just telling children about topics or showing books without actually getting the children directly involved as your postman one does. I love the way you've planned it out also. I think I might use your idea for our exploration of buses if i can locate some good bus pictures.


Thanks again.

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