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So much to do! Can I share a problem, we are a daycare setting in a Lower Foundation area of a primary school. As we as daycare have under threes in this room, I need a weekly planning format to plan focus activities. We have detailed ongoing provision planning and add enhancements when needed. I am struggling as to how much to plan daily. Not all children come to the focus activity, and we need to be flexible. School insists on topics so we have to fit in with their choosen topic. This is difficult as rising threes and early threes need to initiate own learning and it is difficult to plan weekly what they may want to de.

Hope this makes some sense.

Need some moral support and simple daily/weekly planning sheet covering the rising threes and early stepping stones.


You could all make my life so much easier.

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hI Sunshine,

im a little confused altho did read in a hury cos on way out :o

Why do you have to focus activities on your little ones? by observing them you will beable to provide what they need as you are doing with your older children surely?

We do exactly the same with our younger as our older in fact if anything its our older where we will have more adult focussed activites.


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We have one adult focused activity per week, sutiable for all children, this is normally linked to our plans however it can be anything taken from the foundation stage and also adapted for the BTTM . On the spot observations are carried out through out each session.

Our sheets are simple with the childrens names listed and a space for comments, the next step, etc. We have a front sheet stating the Steping stone & ELG we are focusing on, we show how we extend the activity or lead up to it , a space for the evaluation is needed. sorry can't find the one i have saved to share.

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