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Hi all have just copied and added a few bits from my post yesterday in "just taken the plunge" . . .

Have just been reading through all the previous posts regarding Child led planning, and after a meeting this afternoon with my 2 Supervisor colleagues, we feel there is something amiss with our planning - but we can't identify what! We are a sessional pre school, meeting in a church hall, staff are all part time and children attend different sessions. We have a great system in place for Continuous provision and don't think that needs altering. Our main area which we would like to develop is how to get 'what you know about your key children in your head' on to paper format - WITH EASE!?!? We don't want to take the staff away from the children, writing notes all session! We spent most of this afternoon, coming up with child led plans, but couldn't get our heads round simple recording methods which at a glance anyone who needs to could see exactly where a particular child was at and what was planned for him/her? e.g we all know that Child X prefers to play on the floor with cars and avoids any 'writing' and 'fine motor' activities - has poor pencil control and grip, we are introducing paper onto the floor to make maps etc. - how do we get that info into a day to day working plan?

a) for all the children?

:o for all areas of learning?

Any formats, pro formas, page set up ideas/attachments would be really helpful as we have a full staff planning meeting next Tuesday evening and would like to have some idea as where we are coming from and how we can introduce it, after 10 years of topic led planning?

Pretty Please? THANKS

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