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Any ideas for a little mini tpic on fairies?

Love some sensory and creative stuff- but ill ideas welcome,please.


Sunshine :o

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I put some fairies in the tuff spot with sand and lots of glitter!! Very popular with the girls


You could:


Make wands, wings?

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In a rush but here's a few


Pegdoll fairies using silk flower petals from pound shop


I left a note outside from a pretend fairy asking if she could come and stay in the garden for a while. Children made a little house in the garden and left notes - the fairy me responded everynight to the children using tiny writing on handmade paper (very time consuming but well worth it because children all had a go at writing and asking questions)- I also chalked a response on the playground when I was in a hurry- oh and sprinkled some fairy dust (glitter) everyday- After a while I left a note and some fairy cakes saying she was going to stay somewhere else


Fairy crowns and wands, oh and some made their own wings and stuck them on their backs just using sticky tape.


A tray of glitter for mark making.

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Of course not Andrea, it was one of the most fantastic things I have ever done. The children were totally into it, even the boys. I bought some lovely hand made paper and wrote miniture letters back tied with ribbon. The class I did it with were R/yr1 and it was my final teaching practise in 1999- in 2000 they created a millenium garden and it was a fairy one in honour of me.


I have just been into the ELC and bought a set of fairies- guess what I am gonna be up to next week? :o

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Hi - the only poems I can think of that mention fairies are 'from a railway carriage' by Robert Louis Stevenson and a fairy went a marketing that is used in one of the Hamilton trust plans

A Fairy went a-Marketing


A fairy went a-marketing –

She bought a little fish;

She put it in a crystal bowl

Upon a golden dish.

An hour she sat in wonderment

And watched its silver gleam,

And then she gently took it up

And slipped it in a stream.


A fairy went-a-marketing –

She bought a coloured bird;

It sang the sweetest, shrillest song

That ever she had heard.

She sat beside its painted cage

And listened half the day,

And then she opened wide the door

And let it fly away.


Other Ideas- Little Rabbit Foo Foo, with the repetitive bit " down came the good fairy and she said, little rabbit foo foo, I don't like your attitude, scooping up the field mice and bopping them on the heads"


hope that might help :o

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