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Hi Jojom. How about : Fish fingers, new potatoes, & salad. Cheese & potato pie & baked beans, Baked potato, grated chesse, coleslaw or tuna & sweetcorn, that one of our kids favourite. Paella, replacing seafood with chicken breast, with mixed veg. For tea, get kids to make their own pizza's using finger rolls, tomato puree & grated cheese, Tortilla wraps with chopped ham/chicken, & salad, Pitta Bread stuffed with tuna & salad, crumpets, assorted sandwiches (one slice white one slice brown), Noodles & prawn crackers, cheese & crackers.

I know allot of this will depend on you food budget but i hope these are usefull.

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Cold pasta dishes are a hit with our children, especially tuna, cucumber, sweetcorn and mayo, or chicken and sweetcorn with mayo. You could even try a tomato one with red peppers and chopped ham or cocktail sausages.


Cracker breads are good, with salad finely chopped, dips, veg and bread sticks are also popular, as are soup and bread rolls even when its hot.


We gave the children a cookery book and asked them to look through and choose some new things for our menu, and we stuck to a basic version of the recipe.


Good Luck. :o

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