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At the school staff meeting it was decided to move away from traditional sports and try out a skills/potted sports theme. It's my first year in Nursery and I've never been to a traditional Nursery sports let alone a potted sports, except for years ago when my children were little. Does anyone do this and what sort of activities would you include? I'd thought about small mixed teams of about 6 at the most so they don't have to wait too long for a turn and including things like -

- carrying buckets of water and scoring points according to how much was collected

- climbing over an obstacle

- how many times they can climb up and slide down the slide

- kicking a ball into a net

- riding a bike up and back etc

Have I got the right idea or am I way off the mark?

I'd really appreciate some of your brilliant ideas

Thanks in anticipation

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Just wanted to say hi and welcome to the forum.


I'm in a pre-school so might not be much help but I'm others will be along shortly to help.


Our 3 & 4 year olds love to run! Up and down being aeroplanes, horses etc Also animal jumping sack races.


Our children have a race within the primary school's sports day, cheered on by the whole school. It's in lanes. We spread out 3 bean bags per lane. One child per lane standing in a hoop. Children run to the first bean bag, collect it and take it back to the hoop, run back to collect the 2nd, back to the hoop, collect 3rd, back to the hoop then run all the way down the track to the finish line.


I guess this sounds a bit traditional though. Look forward to reading other posts.

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