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I've got to do a class assembly in a few weeks. I thought it would be a good idea to do it on the Foundation Stage and how it is different from the rest of the school. Anyway to cut long story short my colleague saw a CD online that had songs about the different areas of learning i.e K&U, PSED, but she can't remember what it was called or which web site it was on. Does anyone know any good CD's about the Foundation Stage????? Please help!!!


Vicki :o

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Welcome to the forum Vicki. Not sure I can answer your query ... don't recall any CD of songs, but have you looked at the Foundation Stage Toolkit (a set of about 6 DVDs). It was from department for education and skills. I vaguely remember watching part of a DVD designed for parents which might be useful - think this might have been from Sure Start??? This was about 4 years ago.


Good luck.


PS - is this an assembly you personally are doing, or one that your class will be doing. I've done an assembly in the past about what we've done in Reception - this was enjoyed by the children and parents, and was quite easy to do. We just drew on topics covered, skills learned, and put in songs related to the topics.



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