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I have a few students who are on the new level 3 standards and are really struggling with their written work, their knowledge is good, but they are stalling handing in questions and building a portfolio etc... and asking for help with everything, to the point that im getting quite stressed.


Im working very long hours and then spending a lot of time doing very detailed observations to ensure i see them do everything to help out, and im not that familiar with these new standards, these are the first candidates ive assessed on them, but i cant carry on like this.


Has anyone else who struggles with written work, or is assessing someone who struggles found a good way to help? Im close to doing the whole lot as a professional discussion. :o

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Hi, you are not alone!!


Are your students still attending underpinning knowledge sessions at college? If so, the tutor should take some of the responsiblity getting the written work sorted. I do both - teach the underpinning knowledge for L3 and assess. I stress to students that if they don't submit the written work then the assessor will mark it but it will result in them using up their assessor hours (we have an allocation of 40 at my college). The thought of having to pay for additional assessor hours seems to spur them on!


Also in my college, we would not arrange any assessment visits unless the student has first shown committment to their NVQ and submitted their written work. It would be very difficult cover all of the upk by professional discussion and I would say almost impossible for 303.


I can only suggest you refer this to your programme manager so she/he is aware of the problem.

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The tutor is great and the students are attending college for the most part, in particular I have one student whose answers in person are good, but getting them in writing is a nightmare, and they dont always make the best sense. We are having a meeting soon to look at the best ways to continue, but I really feel for her as she really committed to doing this.

I was hoping the new standards would make this easier :o

It doesnt really seem right to say Im glad we arent the only ones, but I hope you see what I mean. xD

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