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we have hit a point where we are grid locked in terms of moving children through nursery, this means that some of our toddlers who are two (and would normally be going to tweenie room) need to stay in toddlers until september, which would make many of them 2 and a half when they move through. Many parents are not happy that they are not moving through at 2 (as previously the old manager told them this would be happening!) There have been concerns raised that the children agaes in toddlers are too broad (1 years to 2 +) and the parents of the older children feel that because the older children (2 +) are mixing with the younger children it is holdiong them back.


Now toddler room is a large enough room to divide, but we need reccomendations on how to divide it, i know that there are lots of companies that sell room dividers but have any of you got some good reccomendations for them. the dividers need to be sturdy and suitable for ages one to 2 and a half. The other idea a member of staff struck apon was getting a play pen that opens out into a room divider (Linden do them i think) but im not sure how sturdy that would be.....


Thoughts anyone?



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We have a very large hall that we divide sections. we made our dividers from T shaped posts that have ridges in them and then we put panels in the grooves. the T shape post doesn't tip and is very sturdy, and the panels are 4ft high we have strapping that ties the post to the panel as we have to be able to put them away. I had a carpenter dad who did all the work for me and I boought the posts and panels.

It certainly cost less than buying them and we have painted them and put up posters.


We have children from 2yr 6mths up to when they go to school all in the same room, although we do have times when they work separately. Circle time registration stories etc.

We find that if we have a nervous young one start there is always a motherly girl to look after them.

Helps the older ones to realise that they have to becareful of the younger ones and the youngers ones copy the olders ones.


See if you have a dad that can help it will help with the costs if you have to do alot of dividers as we did

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