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A question for those of you in nurseries, where the children are based in different rooms according to age....how many level 3 (or above) staff do you have per room?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi shelley


WE have two level three in toddler room (up to 12 children), one training for level three and one unqualified


in tweenie room (12 children) we have two level three and one unqualified


In baby room (6 children), we have two level two, both training to levelthree (one near completion)


In pre-school we have one unqualified, one level two, and she is training for level three (12 children in here)


I work closely with baby room and tweenie room to kind of makeup for the fact that they are not all level three qualified



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6 babies (6 months - 18 months) with 2 qualified

7 toddlers (18 months - just over 2) with 2 qualified plus level 2 working towards level 3

5 children aged 2 - just under 3 with 1 qualified plus 1 working towards level 3

5 children aged just under 3 - 3 1/2 with 1 qualified plus 1 working towards level 3

7 children aged 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 with qualified teacher

we also have 2 BA qualified staff who work part time to help out with the babies

plus me i am level 4 and although im supernumery i help out where needed

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only a small nursery, 18 children in total but our staff/child ratio's are.

Baby room 1 ~ 3 children under 18 months to 1 nvq2 working towards 3.

Baby room 2 ~ 3 under 2's to 1 nvq 3.

Preschool room ~ 12 2 - 4yr olds to 2 nvq3 & 1 nneb.

Plus 1 additional staff member, (me) to cover lunches, toilet breaks etc.

I know some of you are going to be gasping in misbeleive at the moment when you read one staff member in a room but we run from a 2 bedroom bungalow and all doors, except toilet have been removed and replaced with stair gates meaning that if you are in one room you can still see into the others. We have just had our Ofsted inspection and they were happy with the arrangment.

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you have to have 50% qualified in each room but obviously the more you have that are qualified the better. We have:


Baby room 0-14 mths - 6 babies with two level 3's


Toddler room 14-24 mths - 12 children with 2 level 3's and 2 level 2's


2 year old room 24-36 mths - 20 children with 3 level 3's, 1 unqualified working to level 3 and one un-qualified


3-5 year old room - 1 level 4 (me), 1 level 3, 1 un-qualified and one level 3 part time plus 2

students that come in 1 day each

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In the baby room, regardless of how many babies are in there are 2 level 3 qualified staff members, with a student studying DCE at college (she does block placements though).


In the Toddler Unit again regardless of number of children, there are 2 level 3's and a level 2 training to NVQ3.


And in the Pre-School Unit we have three qualified Level 3's (I'm almost at the end of the first year FD so almost Level 4), one of the level 3 staff are training on the NVQ level 4 also. We also have I level 2 training to NVQ3, an unqualified training to level 3 and an unqualified member of staff.


Our nursery generally has a higher ratio of adults to children in all the rooms.

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