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How does everyone link their policies and procedures and operational plan to the 5 outcomes?

Do you think we will all need to revamp with EYFS?

I find this all confusing as trying to do new operational plan as part of degree, having to undertake accreditation through NDNA and LEA want us to prepare for Foundations For Quality.

I feel I am getting buried under paperwork and going round in circles and just duplicating work in different formats. Is it just me? Or am I making too much of it. Tell me it is not just me and how you have sorted it

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Hi sheila

Firstly I have deleted your duplicate post to avoid confusion.

Secondly, I feel that we need to hold fire regarding the new EYFS. We all really need to see the format properly and get some training under our belts before making any changes. So, while I can understand you have a dilemma with your degree and accreditation etc. you have to explain to tutors that until you know what the new documentation is going to be like before you implement any changes.

A lot of poeple have changed their links to the outcomes and if you do a search you should find some earlier discussions.

And you are not alone in the paper mountain problem-I think we are all in the same boat here.


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