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A while back I down loaded an ICT skills type checklist- which was used in a setting for individual children. I just wandered in both Nursery and Reception classes what do you expect your children to leave being able to do


ie. at end of Reception

turn on computer

log onto computer

get onto the internet

load a cd

use a tape recorder- stop, play, rewind, fast forward.

have used programmable toys

have used technology in role play- some experience of...


and in Nursery.......


I remember reading an article once where the children in Nursery had inputted speech bubbles into their smart board- all by themselves and i know we live in a ICT world nowadays and so the level of childrens understanding coming in is much higher (as my head is forever saying I remember the old BBC machines and the tapes). I want to ensure that my expectations for the children are high enough and that we are teaching the correct info.

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