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St. Georges Day!


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hi all! does anyone have any ideas on st. georges day activities? doing 'castle' topic after easter and want to interlink it together. thanks. :D

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We made our own castle once out of cardboard boxes, which the children loved. What about the song 5 little dragons...from a link on this site to a music site which I no longer have but it had a great fold out book you could make to accompany this.



5 little dragons went out to play

over the hills and far away

Mother dragon said 'it's time for your snack'

but only 4 little dragons came back.


etc etc


Worried Mother Dragon began to breathe fire

but the tears she cried made the fire expire!

Mother Dragon said 'it's a very good snack'

and all of the five little dragons came back.

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Guest sqpeg

ah thats a lovely verse

we've started making a large paper mache dragon and the children possibly will choose to dress up as knights and damsels and I am going to order some flat pack boxes which can be made up if they wish into castles. Will probally use the sheets, pegs and frames to make dens/caves.

sqpeg :)



this is one of my favourite photos

sqpeg :)

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