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Hi Everyone


I currently run a pre-school and am studying for my NVQ level 4. (Buckling under the workload but just holding on - not to mention 3 children and house and husband to look after!!!!)


Anyway I am doing an assignment on healthy lifestyles with children. As part of this I need to research and implement a healthy eating scheme. This is something I had been trying to do anyway. So far have only found one scheme run by the NHS. It lasts for 7 years and lots of schools have it. However ringing and registering to take part have not been succesful, just keep being told my details are on file but nothing happens.


Has anyone else participated in or can recommend a scheme?

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Guest Wolfie

I've heard recently that the PLA are promoting some scheme to do with healthy eating - our local branch has been recruiting people to go into pre-school groups and encourage them to sign up. I'm not sure whether this would fit the bill but it might be worth giving your local branch a ring?

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