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hi can anyone help me with this question please,

its for c.16 dofk 13

thankyou Edana


how to use observations for the purposes of assesmnt and the limitations of such uses.

im i on the right track with

Find out if the child has particular needs.


Provide a ‘baseline’ for future interaction or assessment.


Understand behaviour.

not sure about this question

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I was quite lucky in that I had a days training on this unit and only had to complete and write up 4 observations, be observed carrying out an observation and did 3 written asssignments to complete the unit. The things you might use your observations to assess are the development levels of the children, whether your planning is effective and the children are progressing, whether you need to make changes to the environment and as a self evaluation of your own effectiveness. Think you're on the right track though. Obviously observations don't always give you an accurate picture (child not feeling well, distractions, likes and dislikes of child, cultural differences, familiarity of activity/adult). This is what I can remember off the top of my head - hope this helps. :)

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