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Does Anyone Have A Good Aim...


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I have just reviewed our outings policy and am not inspired by the current aim.


We take children on outings and walks in the local environment, to include walks to the library, the shops, around the community, and to the park.


Can anyone share an Aim with me please?

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My aim for any visit or trip:

To get back to Nursery with same amount of children as I started with!

Sorry, no help at all I know.

We do have a slightly pompous school one which says something like 'to enhance children's learning through first hand experiences'

Posy x

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We use wording along the lines of:


Outings are organised for the children to enhance their opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of the local community, environment and beyond. Outings are also arranged for the children to complement themes. We believe such outings enhance and reinforce, in a practical and exciting way, what your child is learning within the pre-school.


Although I feel that ours needs updating a little as we are sort moving away from themes.

Hope it helps,


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