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26+ Children.


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Due to the school intakes, we have a huge build-up of children attending sessions between Easter and Summer.


We are registered to take up to 30 children per session, but are aware that only 26 should be in one room at any one time. We are able to use 1 large and 1 small room, plus freeflow access to an outdoor area, weather permitting. We have at least 5 staff members per session, and only about 6 children at any one time under 3.


During registration and at the end of each session, we all gather together to sit in the small room. Can anyone advise me whether or not we can continue to do this with more than 26 children, or must they be grouped throughout the whole session?

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Hi and welcome!


My set-up is very similar to yours and I take up to 30 children per session.


I had to apply to Ofsted last year for a variation order to increase the number of children from 26 to 30.


Initially the Inspector said that I would have to have 2 groups (older and younger ones) so that the number in a room at any one time did not exceed 26. I said that it was going to be extremely difficult and there was no point in having the extra number of children as the logistics and staffing would be too difficult. She then went back to her Manager, who said having whole group times of 30 was fine - we do that once a day at the end of the session for Music Time.


We split up into 3 different groups at Circle Time (based on age) which she said showed we were meeting the needs of all the children, regardless of their age.


I'm sure they would have taken your environment/set-up into account when they issued your Registration for 30 children.


I suppose you could give Ofsted a ring to tell them how you are managing this number which shows them you are having regard for the Standards. However, I do think that if they had had a problem with it, they would have brought it up at your last Inspection.


Janice :)

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Thanks, Janice - it took me an hour to find out how to post a new topic!


I have printed your advice to take into work tomorrow. Staff were paniccing(?) in case 27 children turned up one morning and we would have to change our whole routine.


Don't really want to ring Ofsted and draw attention to ourselves!


Many thanks.

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Know what you mean about ringing up Ofsted! :( .


When I spoke to my Early Years about increasing our numbers, they said, "no problem. They probably won't even come out to see you." ..............Oh yes they did !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oxD

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I'm registered for 52. no more than 26 under 3's.

we are all in one hall with a very small room available but not for free flow. also our outside area is across a car park so again no free flow.

we have to show that the 2 groups separate during the session.

Have had ofsted in many times and never had a problem

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