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hello everyone


Today my TA was out all day, so I was on my own in class all morning (reception).

I had a lovely day, which I didn't really expect (being on my own and all), and I put it down (in part) to one really successful independent activity (drawing round an egg template on black paper and chalking patterns on it - even some of my boys who never do creative had a go without any prompting from me :D ).


I'm sure this may have been asked before, but what do you put out for independent activities (I think I mean adult initiated independent activities, rather than things they can self select to go out)?


My class are very independent, the majority self select what they want to do (which is great, a complete contrast to my class last year!), but I find they do the same things over and over again (which again is okish) but I find that like today they do really enjoy "different" activities or those that I initiate. And on days where they are all engaged, things are so much calmer.


I am constantly at the moment feeling very confused as to what I am doing in class (due to demands of different people in school as I'm sure most people are!), but I just feel that today was so positive that any ideas on how to continue this would be really welcome. :)

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Guest nickyw

i recently set up a table to make lolly-stick puppets to match the traditional stories we had been reading. it went down really well and was a good opportunity to assess their use of book lang and ability to retell stories. my class also like themed writing frames, making greeting cards, using shapes to draw pictures/cut and stick pictures.



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