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i have read most of the other foundation degree post and am lost now, i have asked our local centre for infomration on this and am really thinking about completing it.

does anyone have any good advice on how hard it is, how long it takes, is it day release, funding


Thank you

Sarah :o

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Hello Sarah,


Like a fair few others on this site I'm doing the FD degree with the OU. I started last May. With the OU, it's difficult to predict how long the whole thing will take (depends on how many courses you do at once). No body will finish with the OU before late 2005, because one of the compulsory courses doesn't start until Jan 2005.


Intitially, when I applied to the OU, I was told the OU would fund my courses (on the basis of low income). Subesquently, I heard about the SureStart funding (courses up to £750/yr for 2 yrs, bursary of £500/yr for 2 yrs, 'supply cover funding' - paid to the setting - £500/yr for 2 yrs). Also: loan of laptop and printer for 3yrs.


There are other people on here doing the FD with different institutions. I think the SureStart funding package is available regardless of who you study with. But, I have been told it is only available as 'first-come, first-served', and the funding packages are due to change at the end of this year.


I'm sure you'll soon be inundated with information.



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Thank you Diane

i can do the course with a local offshoot of King Alfreds Uni in Winchester, will have to look into that funding, how are you finding the work? do you get enough support from the OU?

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Hi Sarah


Im doing a sector Endorsed Sure Start Foundation Degree. Im in my second year, of a three year course. ( longer if i chose to do honours) and I have the package Diane mentioned.

I know it has changed for students who started this year, I dont think they get supply cover, and perhaps not the bursary... but am not sure.

Im doing my studies at my local college, which is great for me, as the uni is a bit far away without direct transport fro where I live.


My main problem is in my workplace, as I am in playwork, i do find some of the assignments dont really take this into account. It can be conflicting, and as Im the minority, i feel i dont get as much support as I would like form the college, but felow students are very supportive of each other.


good luck if you go for it. :o I have really enjoyed my studies so far.


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I am doing the F. Degree with the OU and thoroughly enjoying it. I looked into studying at my local college which has a university franchise but each provider of the course offers different modules of study. I also decided that distance learning with the OU would suit me better from a work/family life point of view.

The OU course consists of compulsory courses plus an element of choice where you choose either "Route 1 or Route 2"


I started in February 2003 doing one course worth 30pts - with the OU you need a total of 240 for the degree. Having passed the first one I started studying again in Feb. this year and am currently studying two course each worth 30 points.


Age is not on my side and I wanted to complete it in a short a time as is realistically possible, I have upped the level of study this year in that in total I am "doing 60 points"


Next February I will start another two courses but will be upping the level again to total of 90 points.


The final course (worth 60 points)which is both compulsory and has to be the last course studied does not start until Feb 2006 so all being well I will finish with a degree in October 2006 so a total of 3 and half years of part time study.


The OU course (well the majority and certainly all the ones I am doing!) run from February to October. It is a little frustrating to have no study from the beginning of October when the final assignment goes in to the beginning of Feb. when the next course starts but thats just the way they present the courses.


Good luck in your choice - sure you will enjoy it!

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I'm also interested in doing the Foundation Degree through the OU. I also work in Playwork, I'm the leader of an After School and Holiday Club and also work 2 afternoons as a TA in a Primary School. Would it be possible for me to cover all the assignments etc for the degree in these kind of settings or would it be difficult??


I'm just gathering as much info as possible about it before deciding whether to start the degree next year.


What are the assignments and practical activities that you have to cover on the E123/E124 courses??


I'd definately like to give it a try but just concerned whether my setting would be appropriate



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Hi Paul,

Glad you found the site - I'm sure you'll find everyone here really helpful. I can't help you with your query but am interested in the Foundation Degree too as a next step. I wish you well in your future studies! :)

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Guest Clarabo


I started the degree last Sept in East Anglia and its going well.

However, I would say that I wasn't given (and my fellow students would agree) enough info about the amount of work we would have to do! I have just completed 2 essays in one term as well as a child study, presentation and portfolio, as well as living, eating, sleeping, oh, and working too!!

I am doing the degree full time and my employer has benefited from the £500 supply cover package whilst I have to find the rest of the funds myself. The laptop and printer do come in handy though!

The content of the course doesn't cover all the ages equally - I work with 0-4yr olds in a local Sure Start programme and this age is not covered fully, much like the playwork age range. So essays can be a bit difficult.


I don't knwo if anyone else has found this but as I am in a supervisory programme the course is a bit more difficult for me. My fellow students are mostly assistants so when it comes to putting plans in thier portfolio they have the added bonus of thier teacher doing the work for them! However, I have to create the plans before I can put the work in - that wasn't mentioned in the course briefing!


Ho Hum!

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