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Hello all,

I am being observed this week by the literacy co-ordinator and headteacher, the focus is on modelled writing. Our topic this half term has been 'animals'. I thought we could make our own class book based on the story 'I Love Animals' by Flora McDonnell. I am having trouble thinking of an inspiring way to introduce this during the carpet session. I would love to hear your ideas / suggestions for this book or any others. Please help, its the end of term and my brain is not functioning properly! :o

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You could have a selection of letters from which the children could choose the initial letter for each animal that they would like to include in their book?

Then maybe a verse of a song to reinforce the letter name/sound.

Then you write the name of the animal/sentence, etc.


A great song I've just discovered is almost to the tune of "Skip to my Lou" (you have to make up the tune of the last line!) Where I've put the capital letter, you say the name of the letter, and where I've put lower case, you say the sound.


D is for dog and I will show

d is the sound it makes I know

d d d is what you get

From letter D of the alphabet.


Just a thought; I always do music whenever I'm stuck! :)

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