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Class Aurther For Summer Term


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oh lovely people out there! I need to choose a class auther for summer term. It doesn't have to tie in with topic based work (which is growing & colour in sum1 and adventures/ pirates in sum2!)

Last term we choose the Mr.Men series which was great as there was so much to go on and children really enjoyed. I can think of many great books - but struggling to think of 'one' auther to last the duration etc.

Any ideas?



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Hi Tizer here. My first time.


My favourite author at the moment is Julia Donaldson - The Gruffalo, Sharing a shell. Room on a Broom, Tfhe Gruffaol's child, The smartest Giant, - all great stories with super rhymes, I love reding them. Use different voices for each character it's great fun and the children seem to like it too.

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Welcome Tizer & thankyou!

Cheers to everyone, plenty to research and go on now.... bless, where would I be without you all!


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