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Hi I need some help planning an activity to go on our investigation table. Basically I have been asked to set up an experiment which will introduce children to the water cycle. We seem to have it pretty much sorted, but we are struggling with the evaporation bit. Somebody suggested using a kettle to show the children what happens, but I'm (probably) being over cautious and I'm not keen to try this. Any other ideas would be great! Thanks! :)

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Here's a water cycle poem that I once saw written as a cloud shape with arrows directing to next part:


Water in clouds,

Falling as rain,

Water in gutters,

Glugging down drains,

Water in rivers,

Flows out to the sea,

Rises as clouds,

Floating free



Here's some links that might be useful:


http://www.utdanacenter.org/sciencetoolkit..._up_up_away.pdf (rhyme)

http://www.valleywater.org/For_teachers_an...ycle_boogie.pdf (dance and bracelet making)

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