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any ideas for easter cooking activities?

we always seem to do the chocolate nests with eggs and feel like a change! Just wondering what you all have planned.

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We're making peppermint creams (yuk!) cos I found some cute but small easter cutters in a cheapy shop! We're also going to make simple flower arrangements - been saving lids from jars for ages which we cram onto a block of oasis so they are nice and full, then chop off the excess. One block does about 10 lids. Plenty of greenery from our gardens and a few bunches of daffs, a bit of ribbon and hey presto. The children love doing them. They use a pencil to make the holes for the daffs cos their stems are a bit too delicate but the rest they can cram straight into the oasis. Goes down well with the mums!

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You may already know this, but you can make an egg -shaped biscuit cutter very easily by pressing the cap of a [clean] can into an oval shape

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Easter Biscuits


Makes about 30



Traditionally made Easter currant cookies. Why not try replacing the currants and spices with 3oz of chocolate chips?




12oz (350g) plain flour


pinch salt


1 tsp. mixed spice


6oz (150g) butter


4oz (100g) caster sugar


3oz (75g) currants


1 lemon, finely grated rind


1 egg beaten


1 tbsp. milk



Sift flour, salt and spice into a bowl


Rub in butter, add sugar, currants and lemon rind


Beat egg and milk, add to make a pliable dough


Roll out just under a quarter inch (5mm) thick


Cut out biscuits using a 3inch(75cm) fluted cutter and transfer to lightly greased baking sheets


Use scraps to make more biscuits


Bake at 375F, Gas Mark 5, 190C for 10-12 minutes


Cool on a wire rack

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