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Hi all


just having a break from all my studying :o and thought it best i did some work, for work :D


I have a small problem.. one of my staff is expecting (shes just gone three months). I was thrilled when she told me but also worried at the same time... you see shes never really been the 'quickest' when working and now things seem to be getting worse.


I understand that there are things she cannot do, and i (or the rest of my staff) wouldnt expect her to lift tables etc.


She works two mornings and it's as if shes not there....shes grumpy with the children, and staff come to think of it, she doesnt really do anything, she spends most of her time sitting down


I wanted to redo her job description, in light of her pregnancy. To perhaps give her jobs i.e the bathroom, snack etc. Would this be a reasonable idea?


I understand she has 'rights' but i too have to ensure the smooth running of the sessions and consider other staff



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