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Hello everyone i need a little advice. xD

I work as the preschool room manager in a full day care nursery. I have had this week off but had to go back in to cover the managers day off on friday. When i went into my room i found two of my staff had taken down one of my permenant displays and replaced it and also taken down two changable displays and replaced the with two display with very very little work on them. I really don't mind them doing displays as it is good for them to have their own mark on the room but we have only passed our ofsted a while ago and these are so bad that they could to even be added to .

This has put the other staff's noses out of place and the two staff who have done the displays have not encluded the other in the decisions, what makes it worse is they have planned what else they are going to change and their is alot.


I dont want to upset them but i just would have prefered that we discussed this first and may be devided the displays between all the staff to make this fair.

I have got a staff meeting Monday so I was going to get together go through ideas , explain what they must include and what Oftsed look for any tips?


What do you think?

I really can't stop thinking about it. :o

Thank you for your help.

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I would have a little word with them about it before. They may not have realised the impact on others - they may have been trying to be helpful and take some initiative. You won't know until you speak to them.


It does also look like they will need some guidance on displays. Some settings have a policy or a checklist of what to consider. Perhaps you could devise this together as a team in your meeting?


Good luck.

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Guest Wolfie

I agree with what Shelley has said. Sit down and have a think about what exactly has really upset you, there are probably a few issues flying about in your mind and you need to identify what your real priorities are and decide how you are going to tackle them. Don't try to tackle everything at once or it'll come out as a massive rant! There are probably a few "positives" in what they have done - as Shelley says they may think they have been helpful by doing that - so make sure that when you speak to the staff you recognise that aspect as well.


Good luck! :)

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