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Easter Basket 'mark 2'


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Have spent my Saturday morning so far playing with Easter Baskets and came up with the idea of modifying Susan's basket idea (below) from the Forum back in 2005, by adding Easter clip art. 4 baskets later, I have got one almost right. Print onto A4 paper. As Susan said, it's has great opportunities for shape discussion, and CLL. Thought someone might find it useful.







I've always made Easter baskets with the 16 square folded method. It doesnt really matter which size paper you start with but the smaller the paper the stronger the basket!

I do tend to use A4 paper though because this is easier for the children to handle.

SO make paper square and put off cut to one side

fold paper in half, then in half again, half again and half again (good discussion here about shapes changing!)

open up paper and on any 2 opposite sides cut down the fold mark one square from the corner for one square.

fold corners in and secure

with rectangle discard fold in half lengthways and attach to sides as a handle.


You can use coloured paper or white paper and decorate squares after folding and before assembling.


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Thanks Deb and Susan! I tell you what also looks really nice, a taller easter 'lantern' type design too. Use bright Easter colour green, yellow, etc roll into a cylinder, fringe the top and have it cascading over. Decorate with a handle and easter pics/glue/stick fluffy chicks /easter confetti, etc...they look really good

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