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Can anyone help?


I am looking for a leaving rhyme, poem or verse of somekind that we can put in a card to our children when they move on up 'big' school.


It is going to be quite a sad time for all of us, as we will not be going back in September after the summer break.


We have occupied our current pre-school for over 30 years, but unfortunately our local council have said we will no longer be able to use the hall due to the state of repair.


I would be very grateful of any suggestions for a nice poem, we could use.


Mermaid :)

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aww that is such a shame, we use the handprint rhyme for our leavers with a picture of them and thier handprints in paint, i wont be able to find the rhyme for 2 weeks now as it is in the cupboard at work. but if it sounds the sort of thing you are after i am happy to look

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Thanks cybertwin that sounds rather a nice idea - I'l look forward to hearing from you in 2 weeks.


Many thanks :)

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I know exactly what you mean about the crying Beau xD


Unfortunately no-one seems to know whats going to happen. We are top priority on everyone's list (PLA etc) but as of yet, nothing!


There are just not enough halls in our area to go around.


The awful thing is, it was reported in our local paper last night that another pre-school in the local area will have to close, once again due to the council. I have also heard on the grapevine that there is a possibility of a third closing due to problems with their church hall. Something is going to have to happen, there will be so many children and parents affected by this.


We are all being keeping optimistic at the moment it's not 'if we get another hall it's when' (fingers crossed!)


I myself can't imagine doing anything else. I've been doing it for over 10 years, the staff and I have really turned the group around from what it was.


So keep your fingers crossed for us! :o

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I can't imagine what it must feel like to put in all that time and effort only to have to close it down. I hope something turns up for you soon - you're right to stay optimistic. :)

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Hi! In our Nursery we buy a small gift for the leaver and then make a big label with our leaving song on it plus a photo of the child engaged in a Nursery activity. Sometimes we laminate the labels too as they tend to be a memento for the parent - the child prefers the gift!


'Goodbye xxxx,You’re going somewhere new.

Goodbye xxxx,We’ll always think of you.

God bless you in everything you do.

With lots of loveFrom us to you!'


I can try and work out the tune for you if you want it!


The handprints poem I have is this:


There used to be so many

Of my fingerprints to see

On the furniture and walls and things,

From sticky grubby me.


But if you stop to think awhile,

You’ll see I’m growing fast,

These little handprints disappear,

You can’t bring back what’s past.


So here’s a small reminder

To keep not wipe away,

Of tiny hands and how they looked,

To make you smile someday!


Hope this is helpful.

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