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Hi all, just needing to pick your brains a bit!! we are having a change at playgroup and on Fridays we will be all going out for a walk,what ever the weather! Fridays will become our Fizsical Friday or Funky Friday not sure what to call it yet!

We will be fousing on physical development, hence our walk out. I would like to theme our walk out such as collecting twigs which then will be used in the session WHEN WE RETURN to press into clay, paint, stick on etc so as we do not loose sight of why we went out. A second idea was to take photos of the shops, signs etc and give each child something to look for while on our walk. I need atleast four themes for walks each bringing something back to the session to continue with. Any ideas, suggestions, anyone.......

When we return to the setting we will carry on with the physical theme using our equipment along side our activities.

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In the past we have done maths themed walks looking for numbers/shapes/colours KUW themed looking at different shops/ types of houses /street furniture as well as Spring and Autumn walks CLL shop names /road signs

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Take them on a treasure hunt, looking for specifics. We did it once. I went for a walk locally and noted down things in houses, gardens and shops. I then made up some sheets and laminated them of the things I wanted them to find-I think I did about 10. So they had to find a bird in a cage in a house, a pot cat in a garden, the hairdresser had a seaside display so they had to find a bucket and spade, a soft toy frog in the fishing tackle shop. It was really good and the children enjoyed it.

In fact, it's quite some time since we did it so might have to have a go after Easter.


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Hi Lesley,


what about a colour hunt, you could give children a small coloured card (paint sample cards) and they have to match this to something natural they find in the environment.


Smells, collect leaves, grasses etc mix into a magic potion.


Items to make into a nest.


Photo quiz, give children a picture or part of a well known building church window etc to see if children can find it.


Collecting cards , double sided sticky tape stuck onto pice of card for children to stick well anything they find, can be themed, shades of colours, special things etc.


shapes or patterns in the environment.




P.S. Get on one of the Suffolk outdoor science in the early years courses. Just had a fantastic day at Lackford Lakes with the Suffolk Wildlife trust.

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