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I've been wondering (again) about whether to go for an MA before the marbles roll away altogether! I'd have to take a distance learning approach and would be glad to hear from anyone who has done/is doing this? The course I'm most interested in is the MA in Early Childhood Studies at Sheffield Uni. It's VERY expensive so I'm looking to convince myself that I can't possibly do without it! What does anyone think?


Ooops! My topic title was supposed to be "MA" not a general request to all Mums out there! Perhaps it's too late already :D

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I'm doing my MA in Early Childhood Education PT at Sunderland and half the fees are paid by the TDA so it might be worthwhile finding out if your course qualifies. I will have a hunt and see if I can find the information.


Postgraduate professional development

Teachers’ learning and development doesn’t end with ITT. For some teachers and teams of teachers, the most effective learning and development is a long term, in-depth programme of study that leads to a postgraduate award. The TDA has developed a postgraduate professional development (PPD) programme which will fund this type of provision.

These pages present information on the PPD programme.


If you have any queries, please e-mail ppd@tda.gov.uk.



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